A Paw-some Guide to the Purr-fect Pet Toys and Accessories

A Paw-some Guide to the Purr-fect Pet Toys and Accessories

Pets are a big part of our everyday lives and an even bigger part of our families. With almost no effort at all, pets manage to bring so much joy into our daily lives. If you’ve ever shared your home with a pet, you know how much love and companionship they can bring into your life.

This past year has been a quite a change for most of us. With our “new normal” uprooting the daily routines of most people, we have been spending more time at home with our pets and leaning on them for comfort and security. The unlimited amount of snuggles and kisses that our pets give us regularly have sure helped to improve our overall mood during these times.

Our pets do so much for us, so how can we return all the kindness and love that they give to us? We spoil them with all their favourite things, of course! At CTG Brands, we carry a large variety of pet products and accessories that your pets are guaranteed to enjoy.


Cat Scratcher (79193), 2” Interactive Cat Toy (79223), Cat Teaser Wand (79317)


It’s no secret that cats go crazy over pet toys. They provide your cat with fun and excitement, and it helps to reduce boredom. Toys like the Cat Teaser Wand and the Interactive Cat Toy, are great to exercise your cats’ body and mind. Cats love rapid movement and unpredictable toys that mimic pry like mice and birds.

Cats are also very fond of scratching and stretching. Toys like the Cat Scratcher are perfect for any cat as they like to exercise their paws and keep their claws in good shape.

Dogs, on the other hand, will appreciate just about any toy you give them, but they do have some favourites.


6” Fuzzy Flying Disc w/Squeaker (79112), 9.5” Rope Ball Pet Toy (79278), Bone Fetch Ball (79507), Squeaky Bottle (79512)


Some dogs enjoy toys they can chew on like, the Rope Ball Pet Toy, and Squeaky Bottle. While other dogs just want toys they can chase and fetch like, 6” Fuzzy Flying Disc w/Squeaker, and Bone Fetch Ball. But we can all agree that most dogs love any toy with a squeaker. There’s nothing quite like the high-pitched squeaky toy to keep our curious dogs occupied. 

Dogs also like getting spoiled with walks. If you reach for the leash, start lacing up your running shoes, or anything that suggests the possibility of a walk, there’s a big chance that your dog is getting very excited.


Expandable Dog Leash (79194), Silicone Collapsable Pet Bowl (79192), Dog Poop Bag w/Dispenser (79216)


Some dogs are runners and they love the exercise a walk brings. While other dogs’ top priority is to sniff, they’ll have their nose to the ground the whole walk for new smells to discover. But no matter what behaviour your dog has on its walks, make sure you are prepared with the best products. The Expandable Dog Leash is perfect to help reduce strain and discomfort if your dog is a puller as it extends up to 50”. It’s also great to have the Silicone Collapsable Pet Bowl on hand, because just like us, dogs get thirsty on their walks too and it’s important to keep them hydrated. You also don’t want to leave home without the Dog Poop Bag w/Dispenser. The dispenser makes it easy to quickly grab a bag and clean up after your dog. Both of these items come with a clip which you can attach to your dog’s leash or a backpack for easy access.

But no matter what the product, your pet is always going to give you that unconditional love that they always do. They will always there for us no matter what. And that’s what makes pets so great!

Inspired to spoil your pets the way they spoil you?

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