Cheeky Yet Chic

Cheeky Yet Chic

Minimalist and modest these Facetime ceramic vases and mugs have a sleek look. Mimicking the feminine form these accents are thought-provoking and conversational pieces. The female form can represent many facets in life but we can universally agree that it is beautiful, powerful and should be celebrated. These body shape accents take on a sculptural contemporary style that is playful and chic.


Facetime Body Mug
Facetime Body Mug (Item 65484, 10 oz.)


Facetime Body Mugs (Item 65483 and 65484, 10 oz., hand-wash only and not microwave safe), these subtle body forms add interest to the dolomite ceramic mugs. Featured in both black and white with a speckled matte finish, the mugs are a neutral palette for any space. Fill them up with your favourite morning coffee or perhaps make it the decorative piece on top of a desk filled with pencils/pens.

Facetime Body Vases

Facetime Body Vases (Item 65487 and 65486)

Paying homage to the curves of the female form, CTG's Facetime Body Vases (Item 65485, 65486, 65487 and 65488) are the perfect balance between form and function. Showcase a bouquet of flowers or small greenery that contrast against the matte monochrome ceramic finish. Available in two heights, 3.5" and 6" these vases are great gifts for your avant-garde friends.


Facetime Body Hand Vases
Facetime Body Hand Vases (Item 65489 and 65490)


Thumb’s Up for the Facetime Body Hand Vases (Item 65489 and 65490, 6” height). The human hand symbolizes many positive and expressive signs and here these “thumb’s up” gesture vases adds a little spunk to your space. Add interest to your botanical décor with a small green accent to tabletops, nightstands or shelves.

Introduce some personality with the body-themed trends of modernism and minimalism with the Facetime Collection. These monochrome items suit multiple interiors, are a bit cheeky and add a stylish flare.


Facetime Vases


Photography by Sierra Curtis.

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