Hop Hop Hooray! Fun & Safe Easter Activities for the Whole Family

Hop Hop Hooray! Fun & Safe Easter Activities for the Whole Family

Spring has sprung, and sunny days have begun. Easter is right around the corner, and with restrictions on gatherings still in affect, here at CTG Brands, we have a fun and easy guide to having a happy and safe Easter celebration.

Easter is a fun holiday for everyone! It’s a sign that Spring has arrived, and of new beginnings. Flowers are beginning to sprout, and our days are getting a little more colourful. Now is the time to bring those bright colours into your home, which is a guaranteed way to brighten everyone’s mood. The best way to do this is to let the kids decorate the house. Decorating the house is a great way to keep the kids occupied and let them get as creative as they want to. With our large variety of Easter decorations, it’s fun to see what they’ll will come up with.



Easter Pop-Up Room Décor #68307, Easter Tinsel Garland #68390, Easter Wind-Up Chicken #18303


These fun and bright Easter decorations are great for the kids to display anywhere around the house. Brighten up any window or wall with these cute Easter Pop-Up Room Décor. Your kids will love all the things they can do with our Easter Tinsel Garland. Drape it from the fireplace mantel, wrap it around the bannister, or hang it on a door, anywhere that needs a splash of Spring colour! Our Easter Wind-Up Chicken will also hop right into your kid’s heart. Wind them up and watch them jump around, or place them around the house for that extra touch of sweetness.

Another activity, of course, is the traditional Easter egg hunt. Easter egg hunts can be tons of fun! There are always memories to be made. Who will find the most eggs? What was the trickiest hiding spot? And how much candy would you find? After the decorations are up and your home is filled with bunnies, eggs and feeling like the first day of Spring, it’s time to bring the fun to your backyard or garden. You don’t have to be too crafty to make your outside space ready for an epic Easter egg hunt.



Easter 8pk Card Board Egg Hunt Kit #68317, Easter Bamboo Basket with Handle #18098


The Easter 8pk Card Board Egg Hunt Kit makes it easy to make your egg hunt just as eye-catching as it is fun. Simply scatter them throughout your yard or garden and watch as your kids use the clues to find the most eggs to put in their basket (Easter Bamboo Basket with Handle). Make sure you have plenty of plastic eggs to fill with all kinds of treats and goodies. The Easter 12pk Metallic Plastic Eggs are great to fill with chocolates, candies, or even Peeps 8pk Pink Marshmallow Bunnies.



Easter 12pk Metallic Plastic Eggs #68413, Peeps 8pk Pink Marshmallow Bunnies #26257079


Kids will absolutely love running through the yard looking behind rocks and bushes for the most eggs, and of course the most goodies. This activity is a great way to keep your kids entertained and active.

Through all the games and candy eating, the time spent together as a family is what’s most important on this day. With our current situation, seeing more than just our close immediate family might not be possible this year. It’s more important to keep our family and friends safe. Video chats are a great way to connect with family members on this special holiday while still keeping a safe distance in the comfort of your own homes. If you are lucky enough to live close to family members, a drive by is also a great option.



Easter Washable Kid/Adult Mask #18112, Easter Bunny Ears Pom Pom Headband w/Whiskers #18043


Make sure you are following safety protocols and wearing your mask if you decide to drive by your relative’s house for a quick hello from a distance. Our Easter Washable Kid/Adult Mask are perfect to keep you and the kids in the Easter spirit. The Easter Bunny Ears Pom Pom Headband w/Whiskers are adorable for the kids to wear, and the kids at heart!

No matter what your tradition, what activities you have throughout the day, your day spent as a family is guaranteed to be filled with laughter and love, and great memories to last a lifetime!

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