Sun's Out, Fun's Out: Summer 2021 Activities for All!

Sun's Out, Fun's Out: Summer 2021 Activities for All!

We’ve waited all winter and spring and it’s almost here; SUMMER TIME! The sun is shining (most days), and it’s about time to get out and enjoy that warm weather.

Since summer is a favourite season for most and with lockdown holding us back from our usual spring activities, we’re sure many of us cannot wait to jump in and have some fun. Although things aren’t going to be EXACTLY back to normal, we’ve put together a list of some enjoyable, safe, summer activities to do from our large variety of summer 2021 seasonal products!

Catch some rays in style with the Oversize Zero Gravity Chair. Great for around the pool, on the deck, balcony or even for camping! They fold up, so they are easy to carry and travel with. Guests that are visiting for the first time in awhile will be able to relax in comfort. Sit-up and enjoy a good conversation with some drinks and snacks or lounge back and soak up the sun.


Oversize Zero Gravity Chair


(Oversize Zero Gravity Chair #59810)

Another activity to enjoy this summer is a traditional hobby; gardening. Although this has been around forever, a lot of us don’t have that “green thumb” we wish we did. With a little help from our gardening products, make this new hobby easy and effortless, while also keeping all your plants alive. Our Opal Pattern Plastic Planters come in the cutest summer colours, and are perfect for starting that herb garden you have always been talking about. Or, if you’ve already planted your garden this year keep it hydrated with these Glass Watering Bulbs.        

gardening tools

(Opal Pattern Plastic Planters #17357, Garden Glass Watering Bulbs #59396)

After you’ve finished gardening, you’ll probably want to cool down. We have a few different options, depending on the space and time you have! Inflatable sprinklers are always a quick fix to the summer heat, and we have tons of amusing options that not only the plants and kids will love. Check out our Inflatable Water Slide with a Drench Pool - it has everything you could possibly need for a hot, summer day. If you don’t have the space to slide, there is also this Ice Cream Cone Sprinkler that can help keep you refreshed.  

(Inflatable 15' Water Slide #17128, Inflatable Ice Cream Sprinkler #17077)

Finally, it’s always good to learn something new. Take the time this summer to master a new game or try a new gadget. Luckily, we can help you get started with our wide variety of different summer toys and games we have. From beach, to backyard, to everyday toys/games, we have a little something for everyone.

(Summer Zone Wooden Beach Paddle Set #13828, Summer Zone Flying Disc #13827)

 However, you spend your summer, whether it is up at a cottage, by the pool or in your backyard, just be sure to make the best out of it. It always goes by so quickly, so soak it up while you can each day and try something new.

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