Uncomplicating the Intimidating Gallery Wall

Uncomplicating the Intimidating Gallery Wall
Let’s finally act on those inspired Pinterest pins of gallery walls. This task can be daunting but remember that there is no painting or wallpapering involved which can often be the biggest headache. You’ve got thousands of photos on your phone and it starts with choosing some of your favourites. Next, it is as simple as printing photos at home. Display vignettes of your favourite moments, works of art or a range of media. Don’t get too overwhelmed, the process should be an enjoyable one! CTG Brands has some tips and tricks for you to get started. Remember that it’s a personal statement in your home and you can always make it as simple or sophisticated as you choose.


    Gallery Frames
    Gallery Frames (Item 65148)


    There are many different ways to create a gallery wall, there is no one right way. Look at the option of space around your home, galleries can be created over the living room sofa, above a console table, a fireplace, a stairway wall or throughout a hallway.


    Gallery Frames
    Gallery Frames (Item 65148)


    If you have chosen a space, next its time to think about types of frame colour, style and sizing. If this whole concept frightens you there is another option. CTG’s pack of mixed sized frames make it easy for beginners (or experts) to get started on a gallery wall. Gallery Frames (Item 65147 and 65148) are available in two wood grains, light and dark. The set of five frames come with white mat and non-mat options. Pre-selected sizing removes the intimidating task of picking and choosing frames, this set is conveniently ready to hang and display on your walls (hanging hardware not included).


    If you are the daring type and want to dive right into your first gallery wall, then here are a few simple tips and tricks to follow without using a pre-packed set of frames.

    1. Layout your design
      Experiment with a couple of layouts. You can lay the frames on an open floor space. Take a picture of the layout to test out variations.
    2. Map out placement
      Use kraft paper or recycled newspaper and painter’s tape to map out the chosen layout on your wall. This avoids any last-minute position changes and extra holes in your wall. Trace the frames, cut and create your template.
    3. Measure, measure, measure
      • Keep 2-4 inches between frames. The space allows for room between your works of art. They won’t feel too close or cramped or too far away.
      • Display at eye level. If you are hanging over furniture, leave 6-12 inches between the bottom of the frames or the top of furniture.

    Gallery Collage Frames
    Gallery Collage Frame 12" x 16" (Item 65082) and Gallery Collage Frame 9" x 19.5" (Item 65081)

    CTG's collection of collage photo frames will suit any motif with their monochromatic frame colours. The Gallery Collage Frame 12" x 16" (Item 65082) comes with a mat collage of five 4" x 6" photos. The Gallery Collage Frame 9" x 19.5" (Item 65081) fits three 5" x 7" photos and can be hung horizontal or vertical. Available in four frame colours: black, white, light and dark wood grains, all with white mats.

    Picture frame galleries are a perfect way to showcase your style through photos, prints, paintings, family drawings, etchings and personal mementos. The way you create an interesting juxtaposition of personal memories and pieces of art is part of the brilliance and charm of a gallery wall space.



    Photography by Sierra Curtis.

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